Bonnie Bennett meme:
Having none of your shit

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ch: bonnie bennettf A V E


*bumps shoulders*

To the place we belong

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psa about ian and nikki thing:

fandom being fandom is already analyzing every picture of those two, and some people are starting to be gross about it, so here’s the thing. i’m probably gonna unfollow everyone who is saying awful things about the relationship - not because i think they’re a cute couple (sure they are though, pretty people usually are) but cause some of you thinking you have any right to judge other people’s relationship choices just because they’re not dating who you want them to, makes you an asshole. so there. they’re people, not characters you can ship and get angry when your ship isnt canon. its their lives and they’re not your business, no matter how many pictures you see or how many interviews you read.

also if you claim to like an actor/actress then maybe consider respecting them enough not to make disgusting comments about their relationships.

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I kinda fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible.

I’ve spent so much time running and lying just to s u r v i v e

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H o w  can you be a  v a m p i r e ?
H o w  can you be a  w e r e w o l f ?

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r: tyler x caroline:(


Get to know me memefavourite TVD songs - part 3/season 3

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show: tvdbe still :(

I was protecting the people that I love.

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